What I do

Website Design

Professional, beautiful, modern websites designed using proven methods including target audience research, information architecture, UX testing, wireframing, prototyping as well as several years of experience.

Front-End Development

Front-end development including valid & semantic HTML5 markup, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, PHP and MySQL, enabling accessible, standards compliant, easily manageable websites.


Updating your website to ensure content is current and correct, as well as patching, upgrading and troubleshooting, to ensure a secure, error free experience for visitors.

Tracking & Analysis

Getting the most out of your website using enterprise-class tools that give rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness, allowing you to improve conversion rates and ROI.

Optimisation (SEO)

Ensuring your website appears where it should on search engine result pages (SERP), using proven SEO techniques recognised by the latest search engine scoring formulae.

What I'm doing

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